Best Filing Cabinets for a Home Office

A filing cabinet is one of those things in an office, easy to overlook, but actually incredibly useful and important to keep you and you working life organised.

When buying a filing cabinet for a home office, you have free rein on the style and design of the cabinet..

So choose one that perfectly fits your needs, (the choice is quite extensive!) And think of it as a piece of furniture for your office, after all a good filing cabinet will last a lifetime and you will be looking at it for many, many years to come!

So do some research, or read my simple and straight to the point article summarising the best filing cabinets around. And make a good choice, don’t just buy the first one you see.

(Yes, I really am THAT excitied about filing cabinets that I wrote this article for you… Hope you will find it useful.)

1. Dripex Fully Assembled 3 Drawer Lockable Cabinet

(Best Filing Cabinet on Wheels)

This is one cool filing cabinet.

  • It has a smooth steel shell, with rounded corners which I especially like – so you don’t accidentally whack your knee on sharp square corners like many filing cabinets.
  • It has three drawers, two shallow drawers for paperwork and oddments like pens and stationary. The bottom drawer is very deep and ideal for document holders / dividers.
  • Lockable – essential if you are storing sensitive documents.

  • Available in Black, White, Blue, Green and Orange so you can use this cabinet as an accent piece of office furniture. The colour is only applied to the front of the cabinet – the sides and top are white, which help it to sit well next to other office furniture.
  • It has 5 rolling wheels, 4 standard size to make it movable and one small extra one which acts as an anti tipping stabiliser when you pull out a heavy drawer.
  • It is ready assembled, you can start organising straight away.

Who is this filing cabinet perfect for?

Someone who is working from home / setting up a home office and for general office use.

If you have a small amount of paperwork to file, clients paperwork, or even general household documents like bills etc. The bottom drawer would work well for this.

If you’re setting up a business and want to get fit any important HMRC documents etc, this cabinet would be good for you.

If you have a keen eye for design, you will like this cabinet, it is simple and elegant style with a minimalist look, perfect for a contemporary office.

Who would this cabinet not be suited to?

Someone with hundreds of files to organise / or thick files with a lot of paperwork in each section. (There would not be room.)

The drawers are great for storing a wedge of paper in, but not as easy to create an organised filing system in.
Also if you’re looking to store objects, like tools or something, this would not be the best cabinet for you.

Filing Cabinet Specifications:

  • L 50 x W 40 x H 62 cm

  • Available in black, white, blue, green and orange.

  • Powder coated steel finish.

  • Weight is 22.4kg

2. Bisley MultiDrawer 8 Drawer Cabinet

(Best Multidrawer Filing Cabinet)

A timeless classic design from Bisley.

Time and time again, Bisley have released new colours similar to the colour stories of a Fiat 500 car.

But the main structure and quality of a Bisley cabinet remains the same.

  • Classic Bisley design that will last a lifetime and likely be passed on through generations.

  • Excellent quality, the drawers never jam and make minimal noise when opening and closing.
  • The label insert handles can be updated to say what is in the drawer, without having to stick anything to the front of the drawer. Time to practice your best calligraphy writing!
  • The unique colours will work as part of your home office decor, adding a little design accent to your room.
  • Different depths of drawer are useful for storing different things in the office or home. (It is also available with 8 equal depth drawers, if that better suits your needs.)

  • Drawers pull all the way out of the cabinet, ideal if you need to transport the drawers contents to your work station for example.

Who is this filing cabinet perfect for?

Someone with a home office or someone new to working at home.

Maybe you have different types / colours of paper to use and you need to keep they separate.

If would also be perfect for an artist or student, perhaps someone with a studio, who needs different thicknesses in drawers to store pens, brushes, tubes of paint and jars for example.

This cabinet would work perfectly for many people, from a crafter looking for a nice organising cabinet, to a sales person working online from home who needs quick access to different documents and brochures for example.

If you’re looking for a secure place to store all of your household documents, this would work well.

Who would this cabinet not be suited to?

If you need a filing system with an A-Z capability, for clients names etc, this cabinet wouldn’t work for you.

If you have lots of bulky files to store, this cabinet would not work. The top two drawers especially are really only suitable for a small quantity of sheets of paper or for stationary.

If you need to cabinet to be movable, then it’s not for you. The cabinet is heavy anyway, but when filled, is very heavy. Safe to say you’re not going to be moving it around the office.

This filing cabinet does not lock, so if you need it be lockable, disregard this cabinet.

Filing Cabinet Specifications:

  • L 38 x W 27.9 x H 59 cm

  • Available in many colours, including grey, white, blue, green, red, duck egg blue, mustard, orange, pink and yellow just to name a few.

  • Weight is 15.9kg

  • Steel structure, with lightly textured finish.

3. ‘HOMECHO’ 2 Drawer Mobile Lateral Filing Cabinet

(Best filing cabinet that looks like a piece of furniture.)

Available in both an oak wood effect and a minimalist contemporary white design.

  • This filing system is made from laminated wood, so it looks the part, but is also very affordable.
  • It costs less than many of the steel alternatives.
  • Carefully designed to blend in a piece of furniture, like a shelving unit. This lateral filing cabinet would work well in any room of the house, from the living room, to a bedroom or hallway. Even a kitchen!
  • This cabinet is much more tailored to you using it in a way that suits your needs. It has two open shelf spaces, which you could use to put decorative objects on, store box files, ring binders or pen pots, the list is endless.
  • It has two drawers, to hide away your messier stuff and a large shelf that has a door attached, again, perfect to hide your messier storage bulk.
  • The wheels make it perfect for home use, especially if you’re working from a small office and need to wheel it over for work time, then push it back against a wall out of the way when you’re done working.
  • The wood effect is my preferred design, it has a rustic effect and would work well in contemporary or more traditional interiors.

Who is this filing cabinet perfect for?

If you are working from home or are setting up a home office, this multi use piece of furniture would work well as a filing / organising cabinet but also as a piece of house furniture if you stop working from home in the future.

Its manoeuvrability suits someone working from home, you can wheel it closer to your work area but then push it out of the way when your work is done, thus not using up vital house space when not being used.

It doesn’t look like a traditional metal filing cabinet, but is designed with one in mind. So the specifications of size and height etc, allow for for the storage of standard sized files and folders.

Who would this cabinet not be suited to?

If you need a drawer for suspended file organisers, this cabinet is not for you as the drawers are not deep enough.

It does not have a lock feature, so is not great for someone dealing with sensitive information.

If you’re after a filing cabinet that is going to stand the test of time then you should probably stick to traditional metal / steel cabinets like the Bisley ones.

If this wooden filing cabinet is placed in a busy bustling office, and a rogue wheelie chair is bashed into it by mistake, for example, it could chip or dent. After a lot of wear and tear, it will start to look a bit shabby.

(If it is for light home office use, don’t worry about this, it should not be an issue for you.)

Filing Cabinet Specifications:

  • W 75 x L 39 x H 80cm

  • Available in a rustic wood effect and plain white.

  • Weight: 24kg

  • This cabinet is flat packed and needs building (it takes anywhere between 30mins and 2 hours to build depending on your building ability.)

4. Vladon Office Storage Filing Cabinet 

Best large filing cabinet suitable for a home office

If you have a large home office, or just a lot of files to find a home for, you may benefit from looking at some larger filing systems.

The Vladon range is perfect for a home office because it looks more design led than some of the more ‘commercial’ large metal cabinets.

(Which can be very ugly and are usually totally utilitarian.)

These large filing cabinets are made of wood and have a large choice range for the doors.

A filing cabinet like this is truly part of the decor to help style of home office.

It certainly adds more personality and style to a room, rather than a basic metal filing cupboard.

Colour choices include:

  • High black gloss
  • Bordeaux (red) high gloss
  • Concrete dark grey
  • Concrete grey oxid
  • Graphite satin-finished
  • Grey high gloss
  • Oak Nordic
  • Rough sawn oak
  • White high gloss
  • Light grey satin-finished

As you can see, there are a lot of options available…

The Vladon range also has different variations of this filing cupboard, ones with open shelves at the mid height point and some with glass panels in part of the door.

So that alongside filing your work documents, you can also display some of your decorative objects and items to add the the interior design of your room.

These filing cabinets are designed to become a part of your household furniture, and look less like a filing cabinet.

The actual cabinet has a simple functional layout and design.

  • There are no sticky-out handles, so the cabinet is easier to keep clean of fingerprints (especially the glossy options).
  • This filing cabinet is large, it looks almost like a wardrobe size, however it is only 37cm deep, so won’t take up much floorspace in your office.
  • There are 5 shelf spaces, of quite a large height, so you could put arch level files or box files on the shelves easily.

Who is this filing cabinet perfect for?

Someone with a large or fairly small home office, or who needs to store bulky items.

It would suit both a large and small office because considering its height and width, it does not take up much depth or floor space.

Perhaps you have a scanner that you only use once in a blue moon, or loads of ugly box files that you need access to but want to hide away from sight.

If you sell items online, this filing cabinet would be perfect for you as you can safely tuck your wares away from sight, onto the large shelves. Keeping them dust free and your office looking less cluttered.

Who would this cabinet not be suited to?

If you need a filing cabinet that locks, this one is not for you.

It doesn’t have the option to hold suspended files, or any dividers built in. It is just a shell for you to customise to your personal needs.

If you’re looking for a budget filing cabinet, this one probably won’t be for you. It’s not massively expensive but there are cheaper options out there.

It is quite a modern style and design, if you usually go for vintage furniture, this cabinet won’t suit your decor at all.

Filing Cabinet Specifications:

  • W 82 x H 185 x D 37cm
  • Available in 10 colour variations, as mentioned above.
  • Made from engineered wood.
  • Is delivered flat packed and is not particularly easy to build. (If you hate building IKEA furniture, steer clear of this!)

5. Bisley PFA2 Vertical Filing Drawers Cabinet

Best Vertical Filing Cabinet (Short)

Another timeless classic from Bisley, this cabinet has two drawers, both for vertical files and is a very affordable price.

This is more of a ‘entry level’, for want of a better term Bisley filing cabinet, and is more suited to light home use than as a heavy duty office filing cabinet.

It is the cheapest Bisley cabinet I have seen available and I believe the thickness of the metal sides and structure reflects this somewhat.

That’s not to say that this isn’t a good purchase. I think for general home use or as a safe place to organise documents when working from home it is just perfect.

  • This Bisley cabinet comes in a wide range of colours, the sides and top are also coloured which adds to its quirky charm.
  • The bottom drawer is lockable, useful for more sensitive documents.
  • Both drawers have runners at the edge to hold suspended file organisers. Ideal if you have a lot of different bits of paperwork.
  • It is nice and compact, some filing cabinets can be quite bulky, this one would fit under your desk perfectly.

Who is this filing cabinet perfect for?

If you have a lots of bits of paper to file, you can add as many dividers as you like to help you organise papers into categories.

General home use and for a home office. A home tutor, online retailer, tradesperson, to name a few. Basically anyone who needs somewhere to keep loose bits of paper, and wants a quick solution for organisation.

If you have a small office this cabinet won’t take up too much space under your desk. Or at the side with space on top for other office equipment or decoration.

Each drawer has a large label holder area, so you could list the contents summary of each drawer.

Someone looking for a practical filing solution with a small budget.

Who would this cabinet not be suited to?

If you need a heavy duty filing cabinet for lots and lots of paperwork, this one is not for you.

It doesn’t feature an anti tilt device and is intended more for general light use.

Only one drawer locks, so if you need the whole thing to be lockable, don’t buy this filing cabinet.

The lock is also not substantial enough if you’re wanting to keep valuable locked away. It is meant to stop someone from opening the drawer, using a normal pulling motion, that’s all.

It is quite a small filing cabinet, if you’re thinking that you may fill this cabinet and need more space, I suggest starting with a bigger cabinet in the first place. I am not sure that these cabinets would stack well on top of one another.

Filing Cabinet Specifications:

  • L 40 x D 41 x H 67 cm
  • Available in blue, Azure blue, Mimosa green, orange, Oxford blue, pink, grey and black to name a few.
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Material: Metal

6. Talos Heavy Duty Filing Cabinet 40kg Weight per Drawer Tolerance

Best Heavy Duty Vertical Filing Cabinet

If you’re looking for something to take care of all of your filing and organising jobs, then this filing cabinet won’t let you down.

This is the classic heavy duty filing cabinet that you have probably encountered time and time again in your lifetime..

  • From your teachers office to the work training room, this style of filing cabinet seems to be everywhere.
  • Each drawer can hold 40kg in weight, that’s a LOT of paperwork and will cope with any work load.
  • Available in four colours, from a nice fresh white, to black, grey and the old classic ‘coffee and cream’ brown shell with cream drawer fronts.
  • The whole cabinet is lockable, adding to its professionalism.
  • This filing cabinet is not cheap but you get what you pay for. It is made from steel and is built to stand the test of time.
  • It has an anti tip feature to help to keep you safe.
  • The drawers will hold A4 or foolscap paper.

Who is this filing cabinet perfect for?

Anyone with a business or someone working from home long term.

If you lots of different clients / projects or important documents that you need to keep locked away, this filing cabinet will be perfect.

It is bulky heavy and robust – so if you have a high traffic area, it is not going to be as easily damaged as some of the more lightweight cabinets.

If you need to access different files and documents regularly every day, you would be best suited to a more heavy duty filing cabinet like this one – one where the runners are not going to start sticking or wear out quickly.

Four drawers may be too many for you, you can buy this heavy duty filing cabinet in two and three drawer sizes as well.

Who would this cabinet not be suited to?

If you have just started working from home, or are not sure for how long you’re going to be doing so, don’t rush out and buy a filing cabinet as big as this.

A business owner like an e-commerce site, a mobile hairdresser or a even just general home organisation is not going to need something this big and robust, it would be overkill for the amount of paperwork you need to file.

If you want to store flat items, paperwork / office equipment etc, you could use a drawer without the dividers, however, the drawers are quite big an bulky, so you may end up with some wasted space.

Filing Cabinet Specifications:

  • W 46.5 x H 130 x D 62 cm
  • Available in grey, white, black and coffee / cream
  • Weight 45.5kg
  • 40kg load tolerance per drawer

How to choose the right filing cabinet.

Hopefully this article will have helped you in choosing the bets filing cabinet for your home office.

On a final note, here are a list of things to consider when choosing a filing cabinet.

There may be one or two points you haven’t considered, which will help you make your final choice.

Type of items you want to file.

  • Do you need suspension files, to organise lots of individual documents alphabetically.
  • Do you have objects to store? If you have an ebay business for example, selling small items, a multi-drawer cabinet would be perfect for you.
  • Are the items you have heavy, bulky or lightweight? This will determine if you need a heavy duty filing cabinet, capable of holding heavy contents, or a cheaper one that is suitable for general use.
  • Consider the depth and number of drawers that would suit your needs.

Reason for using a filing cabinet.

  • Do you want it as a quirky piece of office furniture – if so, colourful cabinets might be a good choice.
  • Is your cabinet to secure sensitive information and documents – if so, choose one with a good lock, a heavy duty cabinet will be much more secure than a lightweight one.
  • Do you need your filing cabinet to be portable to use in different areas? Some filing cabinets have wheels to make moving them easy. Whereas the heavy duty one are designed to not be moved unless fully empty.
  • Aesthetically, do want it to look like a filing cabinet or a piece of furniture? Some filing cabinets available look exactly like pieces of household furniture, designed to blend in to your home. These are perfect if your home office is multifunctional, used as a living space as well as a home office.
  • Budget, are you looking for the cheapest filing cabinet possible? Low price filing cabinets are designed to save on manufacturing costs where possible. They are designed to get the job done but are not going to last forever. Or do you want to spend a bit more and get a filing cabinet that is going to last a lifetime?
  • If you are storing things like paper stock for printing, office stationary, you will need something with lots of drawers.
  • However if you’re filing lots of individual categories, clients details for example, a cabinet with runners for suspension files would be better.

I hope you found this article useful.

In our home, we are the proud owner of approximately 25 different filing cabinets, ranging from vintage wooden cabinets with tiny drawers, to a 30 drawer Bisley cabinet, vintage green metal cabinets.

We also have a number of 6 and 10 drawer cabinets, some vintage, some fairly new. Most are Bisley ones.

We use them to organise and store stock for our online business, and use them daily, so can definitely vouch for their reliably and quality.