Best Home Office Chair

A good office chair for your home office is the difference between you at your most productive and you at your most distracted and unproductive.

Often overlooked, the office chair is one of the most important things to get right in your home office.
Whilst working from home, a dining chair is an okay temporary solution.
But to avoid suffering from a bad back and other general aches and pains, a good sitting posture and support from your chair is the best way to improve life in your home office.

In my search for a good home office chair, (my partner and I both work from home full time), I have trawled the internet, analysing and comparing the chairs available and their unique pros and cons.

I have collated my findings in an informative and straight to the point article to help you save some time in finding a better home office chair for your specific needs.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Best ergonomic chair under £200.

This is a great all rounder chair, with a sleek black colour, metal frame finish, and breathable mesh back.

It has an adjustable head rest, lumbar support, adjustable arm rests. Along with height and tilt adjustments.

At under £200, this ergonomic chair gives you a lot for your money and is a well made chair.

The SIHOO ergonomic office chair.

Key Features of the SIHOO chair:

  • 5 ergonomic adjustments to personalise the chair support.

  • The mesh back stops you from getting a sweaty back.

  • Optional upgrades to ‘Rollerblade wheels’ (yes, I didn’t know these were a thing until now either!) They protect wooden floors, whereas plastic castors can easily scratch.

  • Quite slimline, ideal for a small home office.

  • Seat is very padded and slopes downward at the front to reduce pressure on the back of your legs.

  • Robust body and frame – made to last.

  • Lumbar support – adjustable, through the mesh.

  • Easy to build, in less than 30 minutes.

  • Optional upgrade of footrest included, chair available in black or orange.

Negatives of the SIHOO chair:

  • Mesh back can make you feel more cold than a solid back in winter.

  • Over £150, so it is not exactly cheap, if you’re after a budget chair, keep reading and I will cover some budget office chairs.

  • Arm rests only go up and down, they do not tilt inwards for petite people.

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Office Chair

Best executive chair on a budget.

This is a really nice, comfortable chair. It looks almost like a cosy child car seat it is so padded!

I love that fact that it isn’t leather or faux leather, as these materials tend to be quite cold to the touch (especially when there is a lot of fabric like with an executive chair).
The soft fabric looks so inviting and comfortable.

The Cherry Tree furniture executive office chair.

Key Features of the Cherry Tree chair:

  • Soft padded fabric across the whole chair.

  • Available in black, brown or grey and each colour is available in the fabric finish seen above or a faux leather PU fabric.

  • Budget price for a premium looking chair.

  • Adjustable height and tilt, the seat back can be adjusted independently and locked.

  • Wide seat, useful if you require a wide seat. 113kg weight limit (17.7stone).

Negatives of the Cherry Tree chair:

  • Not ergonomically designed, this chair is more of a comfortable ‘lounging back to think’ chair.

  • The PU faux leather chair will wear out after time, I have seen PU chairs wear out like this, in patches of wear and tear, the fabric eventually cracks or splits. (Just the nature of the material as it is not natural.)

  • A little tricky to put together, still only around 30-40 minutes but not the easiest in terms of complicated instructions.

  • A bit basic in ergonomic functionality, but this is the case for most ‘executive’ style chairs.

  • Weight limit of 113kg, (17.7stone).

Requena Ergonomic Office Chair

Best budget chair, good features for the price.

A well rounded, budget friendly chair with some ergonomic features, at under £60 it is a great value office chair.

Requena ergonomic budget friendly chair.

Key Features of the Requena chair:

  • Some ergonomic features, lumbar curved back support.

  • Liftable armrests, so the chair will tuck away neatly under the desk when you’re done.

  • Very budget friendly, under £60!

  • Breathable fabric. Fabric tends to be warmer than a mesh back piece which helps to stop draughts but it is also cool and breathable, not sweaty like faux leather chairs can be

  • Simple black and grey design, also available in white.

Negatives of the Requena chair:

  • Basic functionality, as it is a budget chair.

  • It is not going to last as long as a more expensive chair.

  • After a few hours of sitting in it, you might start to feel a bit stiff as although the cushions are padded, they are not exactly made of premium materials so will feel a bit compressed.

  • This chair is great for occasional use or for short term use, (less than 4 hours a day), but if you’re working long hours in the home office I would try to spend a bit more on your chair if you can.

KLIM eSports Gaming / Office Chair

Best gaming / office chair.

A superb, comfortable supportive chair, that is made to last.

The KLIM chair has spared no expense in making this chair as premium as possible for the relatively low price (compared to some office chairs!).
It is ergonomically supportive and makes it very easy to sit up straight for many hours a day. This is defiantly one of the best home office chairs I have come across.

Klim premium gaming / office chair.

Key Features of the KLIM chair:

  • A premium chair with long lasting comfort, ideal for working long hours a day at a computer desk.

  • Available as a black chair with a choice of accent trim fabric in white, pink, blue, or red. You can also choose black, so the whole chair is black – this has a more professional and less ‘gamers room’ look.

  • Can be assembled in less than 15 minutes. There are even a pair of gloves included to wear when assembling.

  • Strong and sturdy chair structure and base. (Chair is heavy!)

  • Adjustable ergonomic features make it very comfortable and supportive when working for long period of time.

  • High back, means your head is supported if you sit up straight.

  • Arm rests go up and down and swivel left and right to help support your elbows more that many other chairs. This is not a common feature in office chairs, and I think the only reason it is there is because this is also a gaming chair.
  • Good weight limit, 150kg / 23 stone. Higher than many other chairs.

Negatives of the KLIM chair:

  • The chair is expensive, but you get what you pay for.

  • The chair is quite high, on the lowest setting, it is ideal for people between 1.6m and 2m tall. (5ft2 – 6ft5)

  • PU leather feels quite cold when you first sit down on the chair.

  • A bit bulky as it is quite a padded chair. Gaming chairs can be a little more bulky than regular office chairs.

Amazon Brand – Umi Ergonomic Office Chair

Durable ergonomic chair, great for working long hours.

A great all round chair with very good support and comfort, perfect for a home office as it has quite a slim frame.

Umi is an Amazon branded chair, it feels like they have listened to feedback on other office chairs available on Amazon and tried to tick all of the boxes with this one. Tweaking things that people have had problems with to create an all round pleasing chair.

The Amazon branded Umi office chair.

Key Features of the KLIM chair:

  • This chair has good ergonomic adjustments, head, lumbar back, arm rests and of course the height and tilt adjustments.

  • It is quite a slim build small footprint chair, ideal for a home office, where space is a premium.

  • It is suitable for taller people, it has a tall back and headrest.

  • Heavy duty chair – perfect for people up to 150kg, (23 stone!), which is higher than many other office chairs.

  • A fair price, for the build quality and ergonomic support it offers.

  • Easy to build, takes around 45 minutes, and like the KLIM chair, it comes with a glove to wear when building the chair – there is a sort of grease on some of base parts by the wheels from manufacturing.

  • The wheels are made of nylon PU, which provides smooth movements and the wheels are not going to scratch your floor.

Negatives of the KLIM chair:

  • Not particularly visually pleasing, a rather basic looking chair, (its main focus is comfort and support, rather than looks).

  • More expensive than other similar looking chairs, (still under £200 though).

  • The arm rests only go up and down, they do not swivel inwards for narrow framed people, so your arms may sit inside the arm rests.

Wahson Velvet Office Chair

Best Instagram-worthy home office chair.

If you’re looking for a beautiful office chair that will look amazing in your Instagram pictures, and brighten up your home office, this one will certainly not disappoint!

Whilst it isn’t ergonomically designed, or the most comfortable chair in the world, it works well for occasional use in a home office or your new workspace.

Wahson Velvet office chair.

Key Features of the Wahson chair:

  • Beautiful design, I love the gold accents of the chair legs and lever, very unusual, this is the only one I have seen with gold colour accents, they are usually always a shiny silver colour or black.

  • Cheaper than you would expect, under £100.

  • Available in a shimmery light grey, dusty pink or a mustard yellow.

  • Will easily slip under your desk when not in use as it has no arms.

  • Up to 17.8 stone maximum weight.

  • Very soft velvet fabric, looks more expensive than it is.

Negatives of the Wahson chair:

  • Only suitable for occasional use, or for short bursts when working at a computer. Your back would really start to suffer if you used this chair all day every day whilst woking in your home office.

  • The sponge seat is quite cheaply made, it will stop being so comfortable after a much shorter time than more robustly made office chairs.
  • No arm rests = no support for your arms or wrists.

  • Mid back height, your back is not fully supported and your neck has no support. You need to be able to sit up straight by yourself without using the chair as support.

Vinsetto Ergonomic Drafting / Tall Office Chair

Best office chair for a high desk / drafting chair.

This office chair can be used as a regular chair for working at a conventional office desk. But it can also be raised quite a bit and has a built in foot rest for working at trendy high tables.

High up tables (like drafting tables), are trendy in a modern home office. You can work standing up, ideal if you have to flit between paperwork and a computer.

Vinsetto Drafting / Tall office Chair

Key Features of the Wahson chair:

  • Can be used as a regular height chair or a high chair for high desks.

  • Built in footrest, useful for when you are working at a high up table or perhaps a kitchen worktop if this is your ‘working from home’ workspace.

  • Ergonomic back support bar and curved shape, with mesh fabric for breathability.

  • Good that is has arm rests, drafting chairs often have no arms, making then more like bar stools. This one does, which not only helps to support your forearms but makes it easier for short people like me to get onto high chairs.

  • Maximum weight 120kg (18.8 stone).

  • Affordable chair, for less than £100.

Negatives of the Wahson chair:

  • The lumbar support bar is there but it cannot be adjusted.

  • The footrest is not particularly heavy duty, I wouldn’t put my full weight on it when getting up and down as is likely the screws will start to loosen over time.

  • Great as a home office chair, but at the price it costs, it is not built to last for years and years like some of the more premium chairs, especially if used every day.

  • No outstanding design features, it is a ‘function’ over style chair. Does the job with no extra frills.

I hope this article will help you to find a good computer chair, there are plenty more available than the ones I have covered here.
I stuck to the £50 – £350 budget as this covers quite a large portion of the chairs available.

There are of course chairs that are cheaper than £50 and chairs that are much more expensive than £350.
But I felt that these would either be too basic or too expensive for an average computer chair purchase for a home office.