Best Heater for a Home Office (On a Budget)

When working from home, there is often a constant battle about how to keep warm, having the central heating on a heating the whole house just for you in one room seems silly. But using an electric heater in can run away with the electric can’t it? As someone who works from home with my … Read more

How to make an office chair more comfortable.

If you’re stuck with an uncomfortable chair now you’re working from home, or maybe the office chair isn’t too great either. Suffer no more, as I have a few easy ideas for you to quickly (and cheaply!) make your current office chair more comfortable. For each tip, I will share solutions that involve both a … Read more

How to Make a Home Office More Comfortable and Inviting.

‘Working from home’ sounds like an idealistic scenario… Walk into the next room, coffee mug and snack in hand, ready to start work. All without having to worry too much about finessing your appearance or leaving the house for the early morning commute.. However, not everyone who has found themselves working from home over the … Read more